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System overview

The ADLIC system – Secondary school admission and distribution 2001 – is the first computerized system used in Romania at national level for the centralization of the results of the examination for the elementary school level graduation.

The system provided not only the centralization, but also the validation of data regarding candidates, as well as the computerized distribution of students in high schools and vocational schools, according to the specifications of the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research.

The system has been awarded the eGovernment label “Best Practice” at the conference on eGovernment “From policy to practice”, 29-30 November 2001, Brussels, organized by the European Commision.


The Ministry of Education and Research, the promoter of the project, had both principle and practical purposes. Thus, the project attempted to bring the process of candidates’ distribution into the new informational era, and also to demonstrate the capabilities of new technologies in real life, in situations other than theoretical/educational. The project aimed and succeeded in popularizing and, not lastly, taking the myth off high technologies, in local educational units and local educational administration.

The ministry also attempted to avoid unpleasant situations from preceding years, when the distribution of children in secondary schools was attempted at national level also, but without making use of modern information technology. The effect was an immense effort made both by candidates, parents and ministry clerks – for circulating the big volume of information on paper, for manually distributing the candidates and again re-distributing until the deadline passed.

System implementation

The project was implemented as a sponsorship by a consortium of companies, which can also be considered promoters of the project.

The company SIVECO România S.A. designed, developed, implemented and administered the software system that centralized the data and managed the actual distribution of candidates according to their expressed options. It also held a major part in coordinating the sum of activities vital to the success of the project. The hardware was provided by the companies Compaq, HP, IBM, Cisco. RomTelecom and RoEduNet helped implement the communication infrastructure.

Project development

The project started on May 5th, 2001. The initial planning set the deadline for the distribution of candidates for the 21st of July, 2001.

The main task of the system was gathering and centralizing the personal information and the personal options for the distribution in high schools and vocational schools, for the 183.475 candidates who had graduated elementary schools all over the country, and who enrolled for the electronic distribution.

In the capital, Bucharest, the data was loaded (typed in) by approx.  250 operators in a special version of the software system specially designed and configured.

The rest of the country loaded the data using the public Internet network as communication infrastructure, either by typing it directly in special interfaces connected to the central data store, or by uploading archives with DBF files (loaded in a FoxPro application developed by the ministry) that were automatically validated and loaded into the central data store.  

In total, the system loaded more that 5 million options for high schools and vocational schools.

The development of the project proved that the system functioned much better than initially predicted. The causes are both its stability and ergonomic interface, and on the other hand, the ongoing control and administration provided during the development of the project by a team from SIVECO Romania.

Thus, the actual process of gathering data in Bucharest – which was considered the biggest risk because of the huge volume of data – was finalized 4 days earlier than planned. Also, centralization of data from the whole country was finished 2 days before the deadline, which allowed the actual distribution to be performed
6 days before the deadline.

The distribution of candidates was performed during a live press conference on national television channels, in order to demonstrate and guarantee the complete transparency of the process.

For the same purpose, 67617 different reports were generated and recorded by the system (out of which 22453 were printed). 34256 reports (7863 of them also printed) were generated before the distribution, having the main purpose of validating and checking the correctitude of data. On the 15th of July – distribution date – 8695 reports were printed from a total of 19721 reports generated the same day.

All the data related to distribution was published in a few hours on the Internet, the official results being validated by the National Distribution Committee and listed on each elementary and secondary school in the country, as well as in every county’s educational administration.

An important fact is that following the distribution of the 183475 candidates,  over 100 candidates argued against the results of the distribution. The analysis made by the ministry’s personnel resulted in the conclusion that no protest was entitled. Most of the protests were caused by incorrect reading of reports, or by misunderstanding of the regulations, and protesters themselves discovered most of the confusions.

Because of the acceleration of the process, a second distribution of candidates on yet vacant places could be performed. This included a part of the candidates not distributed yet, who had to choose their available options again.

The whole project was finalized on the 23rd of July 2001.

Statistics on project development

§         1-6 operators connected from each of the 40 counties in the country. 120 workstations in Bucharest were connected.

§         More than 180.000 personal files were typed, summing to more than 5.000.000 options.

§         68463 web pages published on the Internet (www.edu.ro/adm2001/index.htm).

§         513 registered operators, authorized to perform certain operations in the central system. All operations, including any visualization of any report, was recorded by the system.

§         Operators performed 8462 logins  in the system, totaling approx. 8489 hours ~= 354 24-hours-days in the system.

§         238395 requests to the server before the 15th of July, day of distribution, half a million requests were blocked





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